Maja Kastelic

Nationality: Slovenia

Maja Kastelic born at 1981 is freelance author and illustrator. She studied Painting at the Academy of fine arts and design in Ljubljana (BA) and Philosophy and Theory of Visual Culture at the Faculty of Humanities in Koper (MA), both in Slovenia. She has been working in the field of illustration in 2012. The author of a silent book A Boy and a House that was A White Raven in 2015 and has been awarded as Best Slovenian Picturebook 2015 and won Levstik’s Prize of Mladinska knjiga publishing house in 2015. Illustrations from the book were selected for Bologna Illustrators exhibiton. She has been awarded with Hinko Smrekar acknowledgment (2012) and with Hinko Smrekar plaquette (2014) at Slovenian Biennial of Illustration. She lives in Trebnje, Slovenia.


Key Idea

Silent book about a curious boy on his early morning way to school invited by light and a little black cat into an old house. He follows the cat and collects drawings left on the floor through the labyrinth of rooms and staircases until in the end he arrives at the attic where he finds a girl making paper planes which they afterwords drop over the town together. It's a story about curiosity and daring, getting lost and finding, about friendship, secrets and also about hoping and believing in happy ends. I is also an homage to literature and illustration (there are books, illustrations and inscriptions all over the house) and to nostalgic beauty of old times and timeless things.

Material & Technique



Mladinska knjiga