Annabelle Buxton

Nationality: French

Born in 1986 in Basingstoke (UK), I learn to sharpen my pencils at the Ecole Estienne (ESAIG) and explore narration at Decorative Arts College of Strasbourg (HEAR). Passionated about images, inspired by Flemish painting, Buster Brown, magic lanterns and marshmallows, I invent wacky and poetic stories by creating illustrations at the border between traditional and ,sequential images. I work regularly for the press (XXI), comic-strip magazines (Nobrow, Nyctalope) communication (Simon cream, Sophie Hallette) and most of all for children's books. After my first album "le Tigre blanc" published by Magnani, I worked for Les Petits Platons (Le rhinocéros de Wittgenstein) and Actes Sud Junior (Giant book-carpet :Toys, Archicube, The botanical garden...) Today, I work in Paris on a battlefield desk where my zany characters, mutant animals and other huts on stilts are mostly designed.


Key Idea

Through the cover of an imaginary magazine "The Parisianer" i've been asked, with other artists, to share my vision of Paris. Poetic or caustic, offbeat or realistic, The Parisianer celebrates in a new and audacious way the beauty of the City of Lights we always fall in love with.

Material & Technique

acrylic ink, Plastic, engraving tools